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Księgi wieczyste – zmiana ustawy o księgach wieczystych i hipotece

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Postępowanie elektroniczne - nowelizacja
Po wejściu w życie nowelizacji każdy składany pozew będzie musiał zawierać numeru PESEL lub NIP pozwanego

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Judicial and execution proceedings

Judicial Proceedings:

Depending on previous arrangements and parties’ preferences, ICA can conduct judicial proceedings before every common or arbitration court. It is worth remembering these actions require time and professionalism as the most important features. A legally binding payment order is significant to the extent that it opens the possibility of further execution, decides about refunding the incurred costs and gives advantage before other creditors hesitating with their actions. Judicial proceedings also mean agreement and bankruptcy ones: it is highly recommended to check if they do not apply to your contractors.



It is extremely important as the next step as improperly conducted may ruin the effects of the whole previous proceedings. In order to define the debtor’s assets and to indicate appropriate sources of the ongoing executions (worth learning more - Contractor Verification and Business Information), we strongly focus on our cooperation with the bailiff.


Additional information:

ICA indicates the Creditors account as transfer-relevant. Apart from constant contact with the representative and the person in charge of their case, the Creditor receives written report on all conducted cases. The report features amounts to be collected including interest, the recovered amounts and a description of all undertaken actions. All the stages completed, the Creditor is sent a written offer of further actions along with cost simulation and an application for a decision concerning entering the next stage.