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Wezwanie akcjonariuszy Spółki do złożenia dokumentów akcji w celu ich dematerializacji
Zarząd International Court of Arbitration – Międzynarodowy Sąd Arbitrażowy S.A. (KRS 0000453748) wzywa wszystkich akcjonariuszy Spółki...
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Księgi wieczyste – zmiana ustawy o księgach wieczystych i hipotece

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23 sierpnia 2013 roku weszła w życie nowelizacja Kodeksu Pracy i ustawy o związkach zawodowych, wprowadzająca dłuższe okresy rozliczeniowe oraz ruchomy czas pracy.

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Financial and Debt Collection Audit

The International Court of Arbitration offers training and consulting services to optimize debt management procedures.

We offer assistance in creating debt recovery departments. The existing ones may expect increasing their capacities and additional tools, such as regulations and document specimens. We will also make available the latest law amendments relevant for efficient task performance. We will also analyze trading documents, applied trade credit security procedures so as to provide the best debt recovery and credit management effectiveness. The solutions proposed have been thoroughly verified in the ISO-certified companies.

As an independent auditor, we deliver an unbiased evaluation of contracts with debt collection and trading entities. We can draw your attention to unfavourable provisions and help negotiate better terms. Our mediators offer help in solving inconsistencies between the entrepreneurs and the debt collection companies or legal offices.

The purpose of the debt management procedure audit is to identify critical points and to select economy-based set of risk-reduction means, in particular:

  • collecting information on the current stage of trade credit procedures,
  • collecting information on the current stage of monitoring and debt collection,
  • increasing the effectiveness of the in-house financial controlling departments,
  • analyzing the effectiveness of services offered by external entities participating in the claim settlement process,
  • pointing to change opportunities, presenting possible modifications of the previously applied solutions, preparing documents: contract specimens, agreements, clauses, notices, payment demands, etc.

A company’s financial stability may be seriously unsettled both by neglecting this sphere of activity as well as excessive circumspection in this respect.

The debt management procedure audit proposed by ICA helps gather information on all elements of the system and their relations after adapting the scope of research to the specificity of the subject tested, taking into account solutions negatively evaluated in the past, the existing solutions and the propositions of changes to improve security and economic result